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At Deranged Labz we are proud to be veteran owned and operated.  We take pride in everything we do and use discipline in the production of our products.  While it’s true we are a new company, it’s also true that we have higher standards than most companies on the market today.  It is common for us to turn away ingredients because they don’t meet our standards.  We believe in quality and strive to be the best at everything we do.  We are determined to provide only the best to our customers and do it at affordable prices.  We are truly customer driven and we want to help you succeed in building the physique you want.    

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We are a Veteran owned and operated company specializing in high quality, American Made products at an affordable price.  All of our products are made in an FDA Registered facility.  So you know we are only using quality ingredients.  No offshore ingredients that are unsafe.  Only top of the line products are produced for you.
At Deranged Labz, we are not just business owners, we are customers.  Real veterans into real fitness who only accept the best products.  Why use the competitor, not knowing where the ingredients come from or if what is on the label is really even in the product, when you can use an American Made product produced in an FDA Registered facility?  No overseas nonsense in our products.  Only the best of the best ingredients used.
Quality products you want at prices you can afford.  Stop over paying for products that don’t get results.  Buy American Made products that are produced in an FDA facility.  Know you are getting what the label says and it’s the best.  Time to get results.